Add Style
to Your Room-Only Stay

Beachside Inn Shirahama is an inn-style hotel located just two minutes on foot from Izu Shirahama Beach. Just park your car in front of the hotel and check in, and you can enter and leave the building whenever you like! Enjoy your trip as you want, with freedom.

Renovating a classic Japanese-style Minshuku, Beachside Inn Shirahama is simple and bright, perfect for nature loving travelers. Relax and enjoy the complimentary hot drinks at the café-styled dining room. The outdoor private bath is also available 24 hours a day! We also offer a simple self-serve breakfast of bread, coffee, etc., so don’t worry!

Please enjoy a care free, stylish trip without worrying about bathing and breakfast hours.


Four Types of
Comforting Bedrooms

13 rooms are available in the main building and annex combined. The white plastered walls are simple, clean, and relaxing, representing the hotel’s concept. All rooms have unit bathrooms.

  • ツインベッドルーム
    Twin Bedroom
    Capacity :
    5 rooms
  • ダブルベッドルーム
    Double Bedroom
    Capacity :
    5 rooms
  • トリプルベッドルーム
    Triple Bedroom
    Capacity :
    2 rooms
  • 4名様ベッドルーム
    Bedroom for Four
    Capacity :
    1 room

Two Outdoor Private Baths
Available 24 Hours

Warm your cold body after a day at the beach with our comforting Onsen bath. The keys are at the front whenever they are vacant, so you can use them at your own convenience. The Shimoda Onsen water is clear and colorless.

  • ONSEN Image1
  • ONSEN Image2
  • ONSEN Image3
  • ONSEN Image4
  • ONSEN Image5
  • ONSEN Image6
  • ONSEN Image7
  • ONSEN Image8

After Checking in,
Feel Free to Enter
and Leave the Building

Leave your keys in the key box and go outside whenever you want to! For marine sports lovers, we have a waxing table and drying racks.

Relax in the dining room with magazines and Wi-Fi, and help yourself to complimentary coffee, or enjoy the complimentary breakfast available from 8:00 to 9:30 AM.

  • STEP1: Check in at the front
    Check in
    at the front
    STEP 1
  • STEP2: Relax with a cup of coffee
    Relax with
    a cup of coffee
    STEP 2
  • STEP3: The outdoor bath is available 24 hours a day
    The outdoor bath
    is available
    24 hours a day
    STEP 3
  • STEP4: Tune up your surfboard after a day of surfing
    Tune up
    your surfboard
    after a day
    of surfing
    STEP 4
  • STEP5: Leave your keys in the key box when going outside
    Leave your keys
    in the key box
    when going outside
    STEP 5
  • STEP6: Complimentary Breakfast (8:00-9:30 AM)
    (8:00-9:30 AM)
    STEP 6

Only Two Minutes
on Foot
From Shirahama
Ohama Beach

The beautiful blue sea of Shirahama Beach is just a two-minute walk, crossing Route 135 and the parking lot. You can go to the beach in light clothes during the best seasons. The hotel is just a turn from Route 135, so it’s convenient for travelling by car or by bus. The Shirahama Shrine bus stop is only a minute walk away.

Beachside Inn Shirahama

1742 Shirahama, Shimoda, Shizuoka 415-0012
Phone 0558-27-1310
Free Parking: 10 Lots (Please notify us beforehand)

  • From Tokyo

    Train: JR Limited Express Odoriko Izukyu Shimoda Station (Approx. 2 hours 40 minutes from Tokyo) ▶ 10 Minutes on bus for Itado-Ishiki, Shirahama Beach, use the Shirahama Shrine Bus Station

    Car: Tomei Highway for Nagoya ▶ Tomei Atsugi Interchange to Odawara Atrugi Road, Odawara Exit ▶ Route 135 via Atami ▶ Shirahama (Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes)

  • From Nagoya

    Train: JR Shinkansen to Atami Station, transfer to the Ito Line to Shimoda Station

    Car: Tomei Highway for Tokyo ▶ Tomei Numazu Interchange to R1, Mishima Exit ▶ Izu Chuo-Do to Shuzenji ▶ Route 414 Via Amagi/Kawazu ▶ Shirahama


Make your reservation now! We have plans for room only, solo trips, for surfers, etc. Free gift toiletries for customers who reserve from this website.